Attention: Ambitious Beginners, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Experts, Coaches, & Consultants

Join Me For A 6 Week O.B.A. Class And Learn How To Activate An Online Business From Scratch Following My Proven Online & Retail Business Development Blueprint So You Can Have An Online Business Up And Running In 90 Days Or Less! 


With These Strategies We've Helped Clients Across 12 Countries Worldwide!

For a limited time special... price goes back up to $2,499 once we move beyond this phase because this is the launching of our 6 week O.B.A. class, the price is now $1,999 for a limited time only.

6 Week Course Delivered 100% Online

Get My Advanced Online Business & Retail Business Marketing Strategies

Learn To Create Your Own Digital & Retail Products That Can Sell Online Or In Stores

Generate Leads With & Without Social Media To Grow Your Email List

Learn Consciousness, Mindset, & Wellness Secrets From The Pro Athletes State of Mind


Your mission is to create an online business in 90 days or less that can earn an extra $1,000 to $10,000 per month or more and can lead to creating generational wealth!

Here's What You're Going To Get:

"6 Week Online Business Activator Class"

"The Outsource Report" 

"The 144 Keys To Unlocking High Paying Clients" 

"How We Got Into Distribution Retail Case Study" 

"30 Days Of The 365 Day Video Quote Challenge"

"High Ticket Freedom Masterguide To Secure High Paying Clients"

You Get Special Access To The Online Business Activator 6 Week Class During This Launch Phase!

Here’s Just A Quick Sneak Peek Of What Is In This Life-Changing and Online Business Activating 6 Week Class For You!

Week #1 - Clarity & legacy vision

Learn how to gain clarity on your life and vision so you can have a clear sense of direction and focus as you work steadily towards reaching your destiny

Learn the fundamentals of creating a conscious online business that can provide you with the ability to earn online from anywhere in the world by sharing your super powers

Learn the secret mind shift that has the potential to break generational cycles starting with YOU, so you can recreate or create a new generational legacy

Value is $1,000

Week #2 - Digital & retail product online

Learn the powerful strategies for creating an online business from scratch, even if you’re brand new and have never sold anything before, or if you’re an expert who’s already earning and wants to learn more unique, and proven strategies

Learn how to create an online business with the specific business model that fits for you so you’ll know the best direction to take that will help you rapidly get to the point of monetization

Learn our lucrative blueprint for building a retail physical product based business based on my experience helping to launch Banana Wave Bananamilk into mass retail stores like Walmart, and Whole Foods - this has the power to help you begin selling your own, or other people's physical products online or in retail stores

Value is $3,000

Week #3 - Funnels & systems

Learn how to create an effective sales funnel that can allow you to sell your own products, or other people's products as an affiliate so you can earn while you are away from your computer

Learn how to create systems and processes in your business that will allow your business to operate almost like a machine that works for you 24/7 and 365 days a year to help you grow

Learn my powerful outsourcing strategies to help you get more work done faster by outsourcing your work to world class experts or workers, this comes from experience with working with many outsourcers over several years

Value is $3,000

Week #4 - Lead generation & marketing

Learn how to generate leads from multiple sources so you can literally have leads coming into your business with automation to follow up and earn more revenue through email marketing

A powerful and proven source where you will be able to get leads 100% guaranteed once you purchase a campaign via this proven lead generation platform that has been around for years

How to do paid & organic marketing advertising to expand your brand online leveraging the power of social media Facebook, YouTube, video SEO marketing, influencer marketing, Facebook group marketing, email marketing, and more

Value is $1,500

Week #5 - Getting sales & follow up

Learn how to get more people to say ‘YES’ and purchase more of your offers so you can help more people with your super powers, and create sustainable revenue in your business

Learn how to enroll clients and customers into your programs and products using sales pages, videos, email, and over the phone so you can grow your clientele

Learn how to create an automated email follow up series that can help you create automated passive income using email marketing 

Value is $1,250

Week #6 - Spiritually secrets

Learn how to tune into your inner spirit and activate the dormant inner energy that we all have inside of us, but are not truly taught about - get this ancient wisdom to become greater in your existence

Learn the ancient meditation techniques that I learned through my travels in Asia,  my spiritual mentor, and also from an Indian modern day mystic, with this you’ll be able to unlock more of your potential

Learn how to create inner peace and begin your journey of successfully saving yourself with your own business, this requires courage to execute on consistently for long periods of time - however when you do, your life can change long term

Value is $1,250

8 weeks of group Q&A sessions

Included in your purchase of this 6 week online class are 8 additional Q&A sessions where you can ask as many questions as you'd like about your business and have them answered by Michael Baptiste in a group coaching format.

Private support community mastermind

When you purchase today, you'll get access to our private support mastermind community that is filled with other people just like you who are on a similar path. You'll be able to network, meet new piers, find accountability partners, support other new members, and grow together.

Access to done for you templates & graphics

You will also get access to high quality done for you sales marketing templates. This includes email swipes, long form sales copy, short form sales copy, generic Facebook ad copy template, the heart felt story template, video ad templates, 15 done for you social media graphics pack featuring positive quotes, and more

 “You’ll discover so much more, along with many of my bonuses inside!”

"The Untold Secrets To Success"

Learn how to change your life and transform yourself to achieve your desired goals in life

Learn how to discover your true worth in life and use this boost in self worth to help you achieve more in life

Why it doesn't matter where you start in life and how you can renew your mind while starting where you are now

Discover the life lessons and life principles that I learned in the school of hard knocks on my journey to success

And more inside 

$9 Retail price

"The Outsource Report"

Learn how to hire virtual assistants to help you manage and grow your business online 

Instant access to step by step strategy, templates, documents, interview scripts, and so much more inside 

Why you should be outsourcing when your business begins to grow, this will help you grow it faster

Discover how educate and lead your team so you can boost their moral and motivate them to do an excellent job

Direct access to the resources, websites, and tools you'll need in order to make this work for your business

And much more inside 

$47 Retail Price

"The 144 Keys To Unlocking High Paying Clients"

Learn the 144 keys that will help you ensure that you have what you need to unlock high paying clients 

Learn the how to apply these high level marketing strategies that will help boost you ahead of the competition 

How to improve your communication so you can speak to the voice inside of your prospects mind

How to better align your value proposition so you can get the "YES" more from your leads

And so much more inside

$27 Retail Value

"How We Got Into Retail Distribution Case Study"

Get full access to the case study on how we got Banana Wave into retail distribution 

Learn how we came up with the product ideas and strategies we applied initially

Discover how we applied grassroots and guerilla marketing strategies in order to successfully penetrate the market

Learn how we went about packaging our ideas into a real product that people can consume

And yep, you got it right - there is much more inside 

$47 Retail Value 

"30 Days Of The 365 Day Video Quote Challenge"

30 days of our 365 day video quote challenge videos to inspire you to remain consistent on your journey to success 

Follow along in the early days of our journey to inspire thousands of lives around the world in these first 30 days

Get daily motivational and inspirational videos to get your excited to get things done over the next 30 days

Learn why it's important to feed your mind with empowering thoughts and emotions to align yourself to get results in life

You'll also hear inspiring quotes from other successful leaders and entrepreneurs of the past

And you already know, there is much more inside

$30 Retail Value 

"High Ticket Freedom Masterguide To Secure High Paying Clients"

Find out how selling high ticket offers almost immediately MAKES YOU AN INSTANT AUTHORITY to your market!

Do this right, and you'll be able to win! My proven PRICING STRATEGY FOR CHARGING $1,000  for your services, and how to get clients to pay you whatever price you demand!

Learn MY EXACT 5-STEP SYSTEM I use to close high-ticket clients like clockwork. This is my personal and proven method that I still use to this very day to make high ticket sales!

Discover THE 1.79 BILLION PER MONTH SECRET! When you see what this secret is, you’ll see why you’ll never have to worry about getting the most highly targeted leads ever again!

I’ll show you HOW TO COMPLETELY “SHIFT” the way you land high-ticket clients. More than likely you are doing this all wrong. I’ll show you how to do it RIGHT every time!

Want to learn what you really should do to land high-ticket clients via the phone? There’s a science to it, and I’ve simplified it for you. FOLLOW THESE SPECIFIC STEPS and your success will almost be guaranteed! 

Find out THE MOST POWERFUL AND LUCRATIVE MODELS you can use to leverage more sales and bigger profits selling high-ticket offers and services! Any of these can work for you; simply choose the one you like best!

Learn how to CREATE YOUR OWN HIGH TICKET PRODUCTS, and learn how to find 3rd party high ticket affiliate programs to sell!

$37 Retail Price 

Here's Everything You're Going To Get...

"6 Week Online Business Activator Class"

"The Outsource Report" 

"The 144 Keys To Unlocking High Paying Clients" 

"How We Got Into Distribution Retail Case Study" 

"30 Days Of The 365 Day Video Quote Challenge"

"High Ticket Freedom Masterguide To Secure High Paying Clients"

Total retail value of $12,531

Today's price only...

$1,999 to get started now

First come, first serve! Get started right now!

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Why Should You Work With Me?

I'm Michael Baptiste, I help people build digital marketing engines that accelerate company growth. I also help people launch consumer packaged goods products into the retail market. I am a certified entrepreneurship and business coach. 

I am the founder of High Ticket Freedom, the premium online lifestyle and business training academy. I am also a co-founder of Banana Wave Bananamilk which is a non-dairy banana based milk alternative which sells in big box retail stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, HEB, and thousands of others.

I can relate to the feeling of starting something from nothing, because I myself built my own online business from scratch, and now 5 years later we are still growing. It wasn't easy, but it has been worth it so far.

If you ever wanted to learn how to attract, capture, and activate more high paying clients then let's progress with your education right here today. 

I can help you. Here's are some of the things I've been able to accomplish below:

Certified Entrepreneurship & Business Coach

Certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach

Winning A 90 Second Elevator Pitch

Hosted My Own Live Events & Workshops

Have Been Able To Travel & Live Life On My Terms

Elite International Professional Athlete

Hosted My Own Live Events & Workshops

Have Been Able To Travel & Live Life On My Terms

Elite International Professional Athlete

Featured In Disrupt Magazine

Mentioned As A Remarkable Black Entrepreneur

Former Professional Overseas Basketball Assistant Coach

Here's What To Do Now

Activate your access to this 6 Week Online Business Activator Class

Gain access to the members area

Join our amazing community and finally unite with your new tribe AKA your OBA Family

Take all out massive action on the information inside

I’d like to take away all the risk in your purchase. I know what I’m offering to you may sound too good to be true. That’s why I’d like to offer you a full 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase. When you pick up your copy of the Online Business Activator, put it to work for yourself within 30 days.

If you can show me visible proof that you’ve taken action with my process and you still feel like this online business activator class was not worth the purchase price, then we will schedule a 1on1 coaching session to help you move forward. And if we examine the action steps you've taken, provide you with a 1on1 coaching session, and you still are not able to move forward then I'll refund your entire purchase to make sure you are happy. You see, my goal is to help you win - however we must ensure that you apply the information because it has proven itself to work for many of our clients, and for our businesses.

A Percentage Of Our Sales Go To Charity To Help Educate, Clothe, And Feed Hungry Children In Need

With each sale we donate a percentage of revenue to Michelle Tidors Kids Foundation. Our contributions allow them to provide clothes, food, and education to poor children in rural areas of Haiti. When you work with us, feel good at heart knowing you are helping the children through our contributions.

I'll See You Inside The Online Business Activator Class

Let's expand your knowledge with the proven timeless secrets that I share inside of the Online Business Activator class. 

Get started right now.

Wholeness, High Vibrations, and Greatness,

Trusted innovative life and business coach,

Michael "Overdeliver" Baptiste


This is the exact same proven business model that I've developed, practiced, and shared with my clients for years now. It's worked for a lot of people around the world, I advise you to give it your best effort to learn then apply the timeless online business strategies we share that can help you to accelerate your Online Business Activation.

aDisclaimer: We do not guarantee or make any claims with this platform. We believe in providing value for others, and that is what we teach our clients how to do based on their unique ideas, knowledge, and life experience. Creating freedom your way, and a successful business takes work to accomplish. We ascribe to working hard, and smart. We don't believe in 'get rich quick schemes' or in 'get rich by clicking buttons schemes' - we believe success takes work and we share that transparently with our clients. We share real business strategy on our platform that has produced results for our company, as well as for our successful clients. Our clients created success because of their individual efforts, skills, resources, and determination to succeed. Our platform is intended for educational, inspirational, and empowering purposes.Please understand that all of your results are dependent upon your effort, determination, consistency, dedication, and coachability to what information is shared therein. This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, and for educational, inspiration, and empowering purposes only.All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, and for educational, inspiration, and empowering purposes only.All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, and for educational, inspiration, and empowering purposes only.


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